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The Columbia River has supported so many cultures and stories throughout history. RiverWest committed to honoring this heritage by using sustainable building practices so the Waterfront continues to be home for generations to come.

  • Restored from Industrial Roots
    RiverWest is a high-density, midrise brownfield redevelopment that is kickstarting a new era in downtown Vancouver Washington—a bustling riverfront community is rising on the Waterfront, and RiverWest is situated in the heart of it.
  • Better on the River
    Residents are steps away from restaurants, shops and events, miles of bike and walking paths, and public transit options, reducing the need for individual car transportation and minimizing the environmental impact of vehicle miles used.
  • Materials Matter
    Every element was considered and carefully chosen for its versatility and environmental impact. From locally sourced, low VOC emitting materials to precut lumber packages to minimize waste generation during construction.
  • Warm Winters, Cool Summers
    Extra-thick insulated glass windows allows for more natural light, and high-eciency, VRF HVAC systems provide heating and air conditioning for optimal thermal comfort. Your home naturally stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Extra-insultation also acts as an acoustic barrier for noise. Good design that’s good for the environment.
  • Stylish and Sustainable
    Energy-ecient, stainless steel appliances and low flow plumbing fixtures maximize style and the money you save by reducing energy and water use. Long-life LED lighting throughout the building reduces both energy and maintenance costs. Wallet-friendly waste reduction.
  • Capturing Water and Views
    The rooftop terrace provides access to outdoor space, fresh air and daylight that benefits residents, both the people kind and the plant variety. 90% drought tolerant plants and water retention planters with drip irrigation control peak storm water runo that would otherwise feed into the city’s utility system — an aesthetic and environmental benefit.
  • Putting Green: Good Green Fun
    Synthetic turf, reflective surfaces and other absorbing materials reduce building heat absorption and consequent radiation to the surrounding environment. Keeping cool has never been more fun.
  • Bike Room and Electric Charging Stations
    Preferred parking for low emitting vehicles and dedicated electric charging stations provide an alternative energy solution for cars, and secured access bike parking spaces encourage an earth-friendly and heart-healthy way to commute.
  • Targeting LEED Platinum Certification.